Research at the English and Literary Studies Department, FUOYE is the core of our teaching and learning process. Members of staff of the department are active researchers who have distinguished themselves in the broad areas of language and literary scholarship.

Since the department is in its inaugural year, it has assembled a team of research-loving academics who are prepared to engage in excellence-driven research activities. We seek to establish an outstanding international reputation for the quality and impact of our research. It is our ambition to amass a large measure of internationally acceptable research to qualify us for the NUC approval for research degrees (M.A and Ph.D) in four years.

The research-led approach to our teaching and learning activities demonstrates the department’s belief in the deep values of research. Through research we develop teaching objectives and learning philosophies for individual courses in the English programme. Therefore, the department is committed to the establishment of a viable research infrastructure and culture within the first two years of its inauguration. By this we hope to furnish the department with the following gains of language and literature research: its cultural explorations, reconstructive force, new ideas, and the rehabilitation of social justice.

At the moment, the research outlook of English and Literary Studies at FUOYE embraces the following range of ideas: socio-linguistics, cultural studies, critical theory, stylistics, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and applied linguistics. Members of the academic team of the department are prepared to engage in collaborative research work to enable the developing department generate bids and secure grant income for the enhancement of our research profile.