Our Programme

The Department of English & Literary Studies offers a programme of courses leading to an integrated Bachelor of Arts degree in English [B.A. (Honours) English] with emphasis on language and literature. The designed Programme code is ELS.

Our History

The Department of English & Literary Studies in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, began as one of the pioneer departments in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. At its inception the programme of the Department was co-ordinated by Dr. (Mrs.) Chinyelu Agwu. Employed as a Lecturer II, having just completed her Ph.D. programme she gave the Department a head start, by drawing up the curriculum and teaching the first set of 29 students. She handed over the coordination of the department to a senior colleague, Dr. Oyedokun-Alli who was engaged as a Lecturer I. The efforts of Dr. Agwu and Dr. Oyedokun-Alli were consolidated by Professor Onyemaechi Udumukwu who became the founding Head and provided valuable leadership which gave the Department a clear focus and national recognition. Upon the completion of his sabbatical engagement, Professor Udumukwu handed over the headship of the department to an Associate Professor, Dr. Niyi Akingbe, who is the current head.
The Department runs a 4-year integrated B.A. Degree programme in English and the programme is targeted at the provision of high quality manpower to both public and private establishments within and beyond the shores of Nigeria. Over time the Department will also be responsible for the teaching of relevant English Language courses when the Faculty of Education at the undergraduate level is established.
The Department started in its Office in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Building.

Our Philosophy, Aims and Objectives

The Philosophy of the Programme
In a country where English is a major official language, a lingua franca, and the language of instruction in the educational system, a high level of proficiency in it is usually expected from the graduates of higher institutions, especially the universities. A higher level of competence and communication skills is expected even more from graduates of English. This is why there is a need for devoting greater attention to the achievement of improved knowledge of English and the acquisition of oral and written skills in it. Graduates from the Department of English & Literary Studies, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, should be clearly and positively identified with adequate proficiency in pronunciation, articulateness in speech, correctness of grammar and usage, elegance and style in diction in the choice of an appropriate variety of English for various administrative and professional job opportunities available in the labour market, in literary and creative writing domains, and in postgraduate studies in language and literature.

 Aim and Objectives of the Programme
(i) To train students to acquire adequate communicative competence in both the spoken and written expression of the English Language, thereby giving them a good grounding and effective mastery of the Language in its various applications to achieve adequate self-expression and self-actualization.
(ii) To instill in the student a sound knowledge of the varieties of English Language usage in different professional domains such as business, communication, advertising, and sports commentaries, book publishing, and biographical writing.
(iii) To reveal to the student through exposure to the multi-faceted nature of belles letters, and the aesthetic value of ideas thereby orienting them towards self-employment by focusing on such skills as writing especially of articles in magazines, of speeches, designing and presenting special programmes on television or radio, designing and publishing magazines, creative writing, and other kinds of original output through independent thought, inventiveness and creativity.
(iv) To develop in the student the ability to understand, analyze, and discuss critically any piece of literary writing by helping her to develop her own powers of written and oral expression in the English Language.
(v) To produce competent teachers in English Language and Literature in English in Nigerian Schools and Colleges.
(vi) To prepare the students for Graduate work in either Language or Literature.