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From the Head of Department

Welcome to English Department at Federal University Oye-Ekiti! We are an active community of language and literature researchers devoted to achieving a high standard of academic excellence in all our activities. Here at FUOYE English, we are aware that a young department as ours requires an exciting synergy of keen learners and brilliant researchers who will develop together through a research-driven, academic culture. We now have on offer engaging courses broadly interpreted to include such areas of language and literature learning and research such as: African Oral Forms, Varieties of English, Nigerian Literature-in-English, Studies in European Literature, Caribbean and Afro-American Literature, American Literature Survey, and Psycholinguistics. Our aim is to produce highly articulate language users who understand  language and social relations in speech, writing, and literature. You are invited to tour our site for details of all our course offerings,students, and lecturers. 





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